1988 Paralipomenon for tape


 A commission of Polish Radio realized in legendary Experimental Studio of Polish Radio. The mood in this piece is related to the mysterious layers of our imaginations, where some strains of old, forgotten cultures are stored, to those we are direct or indirect successors. It won a honourable mention on International Competition of Electronic Music in Bourges (France).

1988 ZIG-ZAG for percussion and tape

1994 Soundcruncher (Dźwiękojad) for actor and tape


 A commission of Polish Radio realized in Experimental Studio of Polish Radio. A quasi ecological tale about the monster, named Soundcruncher, who devoured all sounds and what happened next. A version with an actor’s voice contains a story, which composer is the author.

1998 Weteringschans for soprano saxophone and tape.


 A mysterious story about the beauty of Amsterdam.

2000 Fantazja Polimorficzna for harmonium and tape (a version for accordion and tape also exists)

Fantazja Polimorficzna

 A piece commissioned by International Festival of Contemporary Music “Warsaw Autumn”. A multilayer structure of the piece shows some references to 15th century musical past.

2000 Entre espejos for harp and tape

Entre espejos

 A Polish Radio commission. The title means “between mirrors”. In this mirror a spirit of J. S. Bach is reflected. And also his 6th Cello suite, which fragments served as some material to the tape part.

2001-2002 Ballade for piano and tape

Ballade for piano and tape

 Both „partners”: piano and electronic layer convolve themselves forming a unity. The tape is an equal partner to the soloist.

2003 Growl for acoustic and electronic instruments and computer.

2009 La Belle Epoque for electronic media

2010 Nostalgy of infinity for a string orchestra and tape

2012 Multimedia Preludes for electronic sounds and video

2012 There is no Truth- Hörstück

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