Welcome to my homepage. Here you will find some information about my music and my activity as a composer and academic.

      My artistic domain is inspired both by tradition and modernism, with some neostylistic or even poly-stylistic and vanguard influences.

      Today we have equal access to the music written 2000 years ago and the one written a day before yesterday. Such a thing has never been before in the history. This fact has changed our tastes, habits and even techniques of listening to music. Today’s author should be conscious of the fact that his artistic achievement is a part of global heritage and he himself has vast worldwide attainments around him that he has to compete against.

      As a composer, I am interested both in musical form with its historical development and the challenge to adapt to different needs (e.g. new listening habits or wider listeners’ circles), as well as an endless search for new colours of sounds which do not exist in traditional instruments. That is why my interests refer to instrumental and vocal music, as well as electronic or multimedia art.

      My style is sometimes described as „individual approach to neoclassicism” (Polish Great Music Encyclopaedia or Konzertfuehrer). I myself think of it as one of the sources of multidimensional synthesis which integrates different historical codes. There is also a germ of „musica mundana” in it, by the use of different historical and geographical points of view and the consciousness that not only Europe can determine styles and aesthetics.

I hope you will enjoy reading and listening to my music.

Edward Sielicki

musician – composer – educator

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