1975 Etude Sonoristique for piano solo

1984 Kronos for double bass alone


 The idea of a cruel ancient Greek’s god, a father of Zeus, who devoured his own children.

1986 Cadenza for English horn

1988 Tabulatura for organ

1990 Pezzo per chitarra

Pezzo per chitarra

 A short virtuoso piece for a guitar, which sometimes turns into a delicate, Aeolian harp.

1990 Glenn Gould in memoriam for piano solo

1997 Choralvorspiele for oboe solo

Choralvorspiele 1
Choralvorspiele 2
Choralvorspiele 3

 Three choral preludes based on Protestant choral melodies, known from J. S. Bach transcriptions. Melodies are hidden inside a complex musical texture.

2004 Six phantasies for flute solo

Six phantasies for flute

 Six virtuoso flute miniatures in different moods.

2008 Sonata for harpsichord

Sonata for harpsichord 1
Sonata for harpsichord 2
Sonata for harpsichord 3

 Pseudo-baroque idea in a modern musical style. First movement Veränderungen, which means variations or metamorphoses, is related to German harpsichord music. Second Tendrement (subtle) and final third Bien toucher le clavecin (play well the harpsichord) was inspired by French Baroque harpsichord music.

2009 Suite of non-Polish dances for piano 4 hands

Suite of dances – Rigaudon
Suite of dances – March
Suite … – Deliriumtango
Suite of dances – Gakop

 As Tadeusz Szyłłejko writes in description of a CD: “Here innocent piano duo rides into a mad world of grotesque. Invented folk-like melodies, revolting, anarchistic, but anyway (or even more?) picturesque”.

2013 Rain, Steam and Speed (After Turner) for piano solo


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