1978 Agnus Dei per coro misto a sei voci a cappella

1982 Impresje Warszawskie for mixed choir a cappella

1985 Assumpta est Maria – motet for soprano, alto and mixed choir a cappella

1991 „How easy it is!” – variations in open form (about 200 pieces) for a children choir a cappella

Variations Kotek
Variations Ropuchy

 Two examples of possible interpretation of a big open form, which gives the large possibilities of combining different exercises into independent compositions. Here almost all composers’ techniques from the past until today were used. In other words, from a children play to the modern art. Composer is also a lyricist. All this was published in a book.

1994 Three Latin carols for choir a cappella

Three Latin carols

 The carols based on famous Medieval lyrics: Magnum nomen Domini, Resonet in laudibus oraz Verbum caro factum est.

1994 Psalm Jubilate Deo for choir a cappella

Psalm Jubilate Deo

 Music to the Psalm No. 100, sung in Latin


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